Kluane day hikes


Easy to moderate

 Sheep Creek – 3 to 6 hours

It offers excellent views of the Slims River Valley as it opens up into the sub alpine. This is an excellent trail for viewing Dall sheep in the spring as the sheep are usually found at lower elevations.

 St Elias Lake trail – 2 to 4 hours

This trail provides for a short day hike on easy terrain through a variety of habitats.

 Auriol trail – 4 to 6 hours

The trail is cut through mixed boreal forest and leads to a sub-alpine bench just in front of the Auriol Range.

 Williscroft Canyon route – 2 to 3 hours

The 1 km long canyon has some rock and geological formations that would be very interesting for sightseers and scientists alike. There is the possibility of spotting golden eagles and many other varieties of birds on or around the canyon walls. Also, keep an

eye out for sheep, bear, and other interesting animal tracks in the sand.

 Kluane Ice cave – 4h

 The route is easy to follow up a creek bed, which takes you right to the cave, with its huge arch of blue ice.


Moderate to difficult

Bullion Plateau trail 8 to 9 hours

The Bullion Plateau is a great but strenuous day hike for those wanting to experience the sub alpine and alpine areas in the north end of the park. Abundant wildflowers and excellent views of the Slims River and Sheep Creek valleys are some of the highlights of this hike. Great views of Red Castle Ridge, as well as a glimpse of the toe of the Kaskawulsh glacier can be seen.

King’s Throne 4 to 6 hours to the cirque. 8 to 9 hours to the summit.

This is a steep trail up to a spectacular cirque — the “seat” of the King’s Throne. It is possible to follow an unmarked, unmaintained route to the peak of the mountain. Alpine flowers and great views are the highlights of this hike.



Thachal Dhal Ridge 6 to 10 hours

This is a long challenging day hike, which involves some steep off-trail travel. It offers spectacular panoramic vistas and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Mt Decolei – 7 to 11 hours

This rocky route climbs to a pass, then follows a steep ridge to the summit. Good views of the Icefield Ranges on a clear day, including Mt. Logan.